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  FoxInCloud Support - Thierry N.
  May 29, 2024 @ 04:47am

First execution of the child form does not present the components, already on the second execution ok???

Abnormal behavior to be analysed; may happen in development mode because HTML/JS/CSS is generated on the fly, however in production HTML/JS/CSS for the whole application is generated before receiving user requests so it can't happen.

child form does not accept color and position on the screen (top, left)

Please add top, left to .wcPropSave of the objects concerned. FAA adds automatically properties modified by the object itself; properties modified by other objects, or by a substitution (name or macro substitution), must be added manually.

In the child form, the label caption is incomplete in some cases

Fonts are often wider in Web compared to desktop; please slightly expand your labels in width or add this code to your label class (eg. xxxLbl of xxx.vcx):

procedure init
if type('thisform.wlWeb') == 'L' and thisform.wlWeb
  this.width = this.width * 1.15 && should be enough in most cases

When closing the child form by x, it doesn't get destroy, unload...

Forms stay instantiated in Web mode: .destroy() fires only when stopping the application, .unload() fires normally when closing the form.

setFocus doesn't work

In web mode, .setFocus() code executes and FoxInCloud moves focus in the browser whenever it changes in the VFP application server.

The wMessageBox() buttons are in English, how do I put them in Portuguese?

The language on .wMessageBox() buttons adapt to the browser preferred language, or can be forced be setting at design time xxxServer.cLangUser = 'pt'

At the moment, FoxinCloud does not support Portuguese (though we have Portuguese-speaking clients); non-supported languages default to English.

You can add support for Portuguese as follows :

modify command abDev.prg
function cMBcmdCaption …
			m.tiType = 2, icase(;
        m.tcLang = 'fr',	'Annuler',; && copy-paste this line to add another language support
        m.tcLang = 'es',	'Cancelar',; && copy-paste this line to add another language support
        m.tcLang = 'pt',	'????????',; && add this line by copy-paste and adapt the label
                          'Cancel'),; && default: English

&& repeat for all other tiType

If you don't mind, please share your enhanced code to share with other Portuguese-speaking FoxinCloud developers.

How to make it responsive/classic?

You can set xxxServer.lBootstrapAdd = .T. globally, or someForm.wBSlHTMLgen = .T. on a specific form.

how the "enter" key works in keypress

This form demonstrates .keyPress() support. You can see the source form by typing MODIFY FORM home(1)+ "tools\ab\aw\samples\fic\fictuto\progs\forms\keypress.scx"

10 active sessions, does that mean I will only have 10 users at the same time?

The FoxInCloud base pack provides you a license for 10 simultaneous users (CAS); if you have more, your application will continue to operate and we will send you an invitation to acquire a pack for additional CAS. For more details on licensing, please download FOXINCLOUD PRICING, LICENSING AND FAQ, and/or see the 'Licensing' summary at the bottom of our FAQ

What do I need to buy from WestWind WebConnect?

FoxInCloud being VFP-base and VFP not being natively Web-enabled, it needs an additional layer towards the Web Server. We have chosen West-Wind WebConnect 25 years ago.

Do I really need ActiveWidgets? how much does it cost?

ActiveWidgets supports the grid in Web mode with almost all the same features as in VFP. It is mandatory.

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