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Back button doesn't work on help web page built
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  Tom Green
  Apr 26, 2024 @ 05:32pm

Hi Rick.

One of my staff was proof-reading a help topic on our software and noticed that after clicking a link, the browser back button didn't work. Well, it didn't appear to work. The URL showing went back to the correct page, but the page body didn't show the content it should. Clicking subsequently the browser's refresh button made it all right, again.

So I thought I'd see if that was a general problem. And it is. Here is one of your pages which reproduces the behavior.

On that page click on the link

  • Step by Step: Creating a JSON REST Service and Angular Front End

The new page displays. Then click the browser BACK button and watch what happens.

I tried it with Firefox and Edge.

Actually, Rick, it happens on this page too. Click a link on the left panel and then click the back button. Same behavior.

+++ Tom

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