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Web Connection Web Server in the next Web Connection Update (7.40)
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  Rick Strahl
  Jan 25, 2024 @ 11:08am

Getting ready to release an update to Web Connection next week.

One of the updates will be a number of improvements to the local Web Connection Web Server:

  • Updated to .NET 8.0 (latest)
  • Auto-install of .NET 8.0 Runtime if choosing this server from Wizards
  • A number of admin page enhancements
  • Improved server loading speed
  • Shadow Copy support for Web Server Binaries to allow hot swapping server code

The Message Board here has been running using the .NET Core middleware inside of IIS for a couple of years now, and it's been rock solid and on par or better than the older .NET module. Both share a common .NET source code base, but the new .NET Core module provides a way to future proof Web Connection and it also allows for running the Web Connection Web server connector on non-Windows platforms.

The interesting thing about the Web Connection Web Server is that it can run either as a standalone Web Server you can launch explicitly - and what we do for the development Web server - or it can be hosted inside of IIS as a native IIS module in a similar way that classic ASP.NET is hosted.

The next release has a few other relatively small fixes and updates and it should be released early next week...

+++ Rick ---

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