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Invalid Path or Filename??
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  Stein Goering
  Jan 13, 2024 @ 11:20am

One of our customers is reporting a very strange behavior pattern. They launch our app - things work fine for an hour or so - then certain pages start to fail. The error that consistently comes up is "Invalid path or file name" but it is triggered by different commands depending on the method.

 cClassLib = [awBusinessObject.prg]
 loProduct = NEWOBJECT(cClassName,cClassLib,Server.oSys.cExe)


In each case it is attempting to access a PRG based class library - but all of the PRGs in question should be compiled into the exe - how can they not be located?

Not to mention that all of these methods work initially - as noted the problems only show up after an hour or so of activity. If we reset IIS, everything will start working again for a while. I would also note that we have the identical exe running on other customer sites with no evidence of this problem.

The last thing we did was switch them from Com to File mode - at last report, they had been running for several hours without seeing any failures. So was the problem somehow tied to Com operation?

If anyone can shed any light on this, I'd appreciate your suggestions.


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  Rick Strahl
  Stein Goering
  Jan 14, 2024 @ 06:04pm

That sounds like potential COM Server corruption. You might want to check the Web Connection server logs and see what errors are being thrown prior to the failures or as they happen.

Especially if running ISAPI many COM failures (ie. servers getting force released frequently) can end up causing corrupted instantiations of objects. Less of a problem with .NET module, but even there can be a problem as that is a COM system issue. Bottom line - make sure servers are not getting force released all the time.

+++ Rick ---

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  Stein Goering
  Rick Strahl
  Feb 11, 2024 @ 09:00pm

Following up on this in case anyone is interested... [And if you're really interested, note correction below...]

They were running under ISAPI so one of the first things we did was put them on .NET but unfortunately that did not resolve the issue.

We checked various error logs but were unable to come up with anything conclusive. *Finally just spun up a new server instance, installed our app from scratch and loaded the data from backup. *

OK, they were considering that option but it turns out they first tried just switching to File Mode. That appears to have solved the problem as things have been running smoothly ever since. Never did figure out what the COM issue was, but given how robust File Mode is under .NET, they might as well just stick with it.


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