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Web Connection 7.35 has been released
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  Rick Strahl
  Nov 15, 2023 @ 10:29am

Hi all,

A new version of Web Connection is available and v7.35 while a maintenance release has some useful new features and improvements, especially if you're working with REST services and anything related to JSON.

The highlight feature is a new REST Bearer Token Authentication implementation that can be used to relatively easily add Bearer Token authentication to your REST services. The new feature extends the existing wwSession and wwUserSecurity functionality in Web Connection to work with REST services, replacing the Cookie based authentication with Bearer Token issuance and validation. There are also some improvements in JSON processing and in the JsonServiceClient class that simplifies calling REST services in an all-in-one abstracted way.

The release post includes a complete tutorial of how the new REST Authentication features work as well as some discussion on the why and how it works. There is also a detailed wrap up of some of the other small improvements.

Read the Web Connection 7.35 Release Post

As always the latest version is available for download as a Shareware version that can be used to check out Web Connection and get started, and registered users should have gotten an email notification for the latest version download.

+++ Rick ---

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