Migrating to a Windows 2022 Server
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  Vincent H.
  Jan 10, 2023 @ 02:17am

Hi All,

On the occasion of this beginning of the year, I would like to share a recent experience of the migration of two (large) FoxInCloud applications on a Windows 2022 server.

The challenge was twofold:

  1. Would the power of the server really translate into an acceleration of the application ?
  2. And, recurring question, would VFP execute fine on this new server ?

The result goes beyond expectations.

  1. FoxInCloud applications are really faster, providing a high-level of work comfort for users
  2. VFP runs perfectly on Windows Server 2022. As it is supported by Microsoft until 2031, developers have an additional 9-year delay to migrate the server side code of their FiC applications,while continuing to improve the HTML/CSS/JS user interface.

Best wishes for the new year

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  Rick Strahl
  Vincent H.
  Jan 11, 2023 @ 03:51pm

Did you update your underlying hardware or VPC instance? I suspect most of the performance gains come from that, not necessarily from using Windows 2022.

I recently upgraded my server as well, and saw a large performance boost, but most of that was due (I think) to the improvements of the VPC platform instances (on Vultr) - a lot of the VPC hosts have upgraded to SSD drives, compared to a few years prior which makes a massive perf difference if you had old instances.

If anybody has old instances on your VPC host you might consider backing up a snapshot, and restoring the snapshot to a new instance. Often that ends up on new hardware that is much faster.

+++ Rick ---

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