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WebBrowser control - weird issues
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  Nov 8, 2022 @ 05:45am

Hi I have been using the WebBrowser control for years to allow our app to host Word documents and let the users view and edit them inside our application. Word docs started to open outside the control from Word 2010 and we had to do registry changes to the BrowserFlags key to get Word documents to still open inside the control. Recently some of our users are getting Word opening outside the control even with the registry fixes applied. We can't figure out why this has started to happen (e.g. O/S update, Office update, AV update). We thought it may be due to using 64 bit office but we have just ruled this out as it is working fine on some machines with 64-bit office. I found Rick Strahl posts while searching for a solution and thought I would try to reach out directly in case you have any ideas! Thanks in hopeful anticipation!

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  Rick Strahl
  Nov 9, 2022 @ 11:24am

Honestly no idea. This stopped working (without the hacks) a long time even before what you describe and is probably not a good idea anyway. I think the better approach most likely is to use COM automation with Word.Application to control word instead of inside of the Web Browser.

If this worked for the last 10 years consider yourself lucky as it hasn't been supported by Microsoft in a long time and certainly not with newer versions of Word.

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