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7.25 Install Issues
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  Harvey Mushman
  Sep 5, 2022 @ 04:52pm

Noticed a couple of issues you might want to address.

  • In the Documentation that is displayed during the Install process, you refer to Launcher in several places. The correct spelling is without "er", "Launch.PRG".

*** OR: Use the Launcher DO Launcher with "NONE" && or "SERVER"

The above will generate an error, see Step 3 - Finish and test

  • During the install on Vultr, I received a RED dot error message about there being a printer error. During the testing wcDemo samples, I tried the print to PDF sample. Now on the screen in VFP desktop, I see WAIT message indicating "Error accessing printer spooler". I am assuming before this sample will function I need to install a printer to my VM machine, but this is only a guess on my part. I will go back and scan the documentation for information about configuring the spooler but not holding my breath anything exists.

Otherwise, after working on trying to get a WC3.0 app working for the past three days, I must comment that Version 7.25 has come a really long way. The install was very smooth and the samples (which I've looked at so far and there are quite a few) are awesome!!

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  Harvey Mushman
  Harvey Mushman
  Sep 6, 2022 @ 06:40am

Assuming you read my message above, I have run into a more real issue. While trying more of the samples, I switched to COM. It is not working, I get the following error message:

Unknown application error Invalid Com Server ProgId: wcdemo.wcdemoServer - Account: SYSTEM - IIS Virtual:

That is all I know and before I try anything on my own to correct the problem, I wanted to share with you.

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