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Upgrading wwIPStuff from version 2013 to version 7.14
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  m. cyrus nima
  Nov 16, 2021 @ 08:57am

Hi Rick;

So I have an application that uses the 2013 version of IPStuff. Last year I was working on an upgrade project that I thought it required tools provided in the latest package. So I upgraded to version 7.14.

But as it turned out, the 2013 version was able to satisfy the requirements the project had. So, I did not upgrade the wwIPStuff to 7.14 version, keeping changes to the minimum...

Now this week we are working on another project that definitely requires the new tools provided in version 7.14 (or later). So I have no choice but to upgrade the IPStuff in my application to the new 7.14 version.

As I started doing that last night I noticed not everything is backward compatible. Here are the issues I have encountered so far;

  1. The wwIpStuff.vcx seems to have changed to wwIpStuff.dll. When building the project it prompts for location of wwIpStuff.vcx , when I select wwIpStuff.dll instead it says "Not a table". The class is used in statements like:

  1. The 7.14 package seem to be missing the wwPop3.prg module. Why is that? has it been replaced?

I am not sure if it is a good idea to use the 2013 version of the modules I am missing or have changed in 7.14 version? Like for example continue using 2013 version of wwIpStuff.vcx while we use version 7.14 for the other stuff, like wconnect.h and the modules / utilities that is the package..

Please Advise... Cyrus

  1. One last thing, is there a link to bring the 7.14 up to date?
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  Rick Strahl
  m. cyrus nima
  Nov 16, 2021 @ 11:18am

wwIPStuff is really, really old. We haven't sold that for close to 10 years now although there was some overlap with the client tools.

About 5 years or so all the classes were refactored out of the VCX classes into PRGS. Most of the APIs stayed the same. I was never shooting for 100% compatibility but to try as much as possible to preserve the API interfaces which is true for the library as a whole with very few exceptions. For most of the classes the change was basically how the class is instantiated.

wwPop3 got pulled some time ago as it didn't support SSL connections which are required nowadays. The implementation was also very, very old (originated in the early 2000's using socket C++ code) and brittle and basically unsupportable going forward. If you need reliable POP3/IMAP support I think the Chilkat controls are the way to go. That class was never meant as a full mail client, but mainly as helper tool to allow scanning a mailbox and picking up callback messages that might get sent from services. IAC, that tool is no longer part of the client tools.

Mixing old and new - no idea. You might get the old wwPop3 to work. That code has never changed and the C++ library code is still in wwipstuff.dll so it should still work. But dependencies might be a problem.

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