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  Russell Campbell
  Sep 16, 2021 @ 11:05am

Rick, just wondering if you've done any more with Blazor. I saw your blog post from 2018, but we know how long ago that was in the tech world. 😃 And I saw the version of that article at the Code Magazine site was "updated" sometime this year, but I'm not sure what was updated. MS is, of course, still moving it along. Do you have anything new on it or an assessment of its capabilities and prospects these days?

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  Rick Strahl
  Russell Campbell
  Sep 16, 2021 @ 11:23am

I haven't been paying much attention to it, because I feel this is a niche product for Web development that only appeals to .NET developers. That's not a bad thing per se, but beyond the .NET space it's unlikely that this will ever catch on.

It's based on WebAssembly, which is new, requires loading of runtimes etc. It's actually very cool technology and it does have nice language features because of the richness of .NET. But it is also saddled with slow load times, non-competitive performance for many things, and the main issue for me - a non-direct way to interface with JavaScript code.

The latter is what bugs me because modern Web development relies heavily on third party tools and libraries and using that in Blazor - while it works - is painful.

It's also ill suited to use for anything but full SPA applications - you can't easily drop in a Web Assembly and do progressive enhancement with it.

I think it might be real interesting in some scenarios - hybrid desktop applications (both for Windows and Mac perhaps) are interesting, as you can directly hook into system services, but Microsoft is slow to get this all working in .NET Maui which has now been pushed off to the next version of .NET (was supposed to ship with .NET 6.0 in next month).

For me I just don't see the big benefit of using Blazor over say Vue, Angular, React etc. as these platforms are not that different and can take advantage of the entire JavaScript eco-system without having to rely on translation layers that have to be created for Blazor.

On the flip side - I do really like the Blazor/Razor syntax which is much cleaner (IMHO) than the typical handlebars templating used in most tools as it supports full language features in scripts. And you can use regular classes and components to easily break up logic.

But these things nice as they are, are outweight by the sheer 'otherness' of a Web Assembly based solution that tries to do a Web framework.

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