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Using Launch.prg for project startup and Updating to Launch.prg
Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar based on your email address. Using Launch.prg for project startup and Updating to Launch.prg
  Rick Strahl
  Aug 28, 2021 @ 10:59am

Last week I posted a blog post in regards to using launch.prg for your Web Connection applications to launch them more easily. If you've been using Web Connection for a while you probably don't know or use launch.prg, but it's a big productivity enhancer when running your applications while actively developing your app as it makes it quick and easy to launch and run your application.

Also combined with the quick editor access and from the main form, recent versions have made an effort to make the development process with Web Connection quicker and easier with less friction, especially to new users who might not be familiar with the inner workings of Web Connection. What seems obvious to old hands - like that a Web Server has to be running for the application to work - is often not so obvious to new users (even if it is mentioned prominently in the docs 😄).

So anyway this blog posts talks about the benefits of launch.prg and how you can add it to old applications that might not be using it, or if you have an older version how you can easily update it to more a current version.

Check it out.

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