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  Mar 23, 2021 @ 03:48am


We have a RESTFul API with ability to export complex data structures based on JSON metadata, kinda similar to GraphQL but build on our own. Normally users are asking our support for help when they want to modify the metadata to change the output since its cumbersome and documentation is limitted.

The question is: do you know a tool that can generate a JSON metadata structure out of a GraphQL request that can be used with VFP or do you plan to implement a generic GraphQL support in Web Connection?

Kind Regards Dimitar Hristov

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  Rick Strahl
  Mar 23, 2021 @ 01:41pm

What exactly are you after? Generation of the meta data, processing it, or consuming it?

Either way Web Connection doesn't have support for this and I can't see that any of these would be implementable for the framework as it needs server support.

There are libraries for all of these things in .NET Core (Swagger, Open API Client libraries, and GraphQl Processors) and I think the best solution if you need features like this is to build ontop of .NET (or something else that has support for OpenAPI/GraphQl) built in - if necessary calling into FoxPro as needed.

It might be possible to use some of the .NET Core bits with the new Web Connection Web Server, but even if possible it wouldn't be worth the effort to implement at this point (unless it's funded).

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