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WC 5 to 7 guidelines
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  Michael Hogan (Ideate Hosting)
  Mar 21, 2021 @ 01:43pm

I'm having trouble finding the part of TFM regarding how to update my template-based WC5 application to the latest V 7.

I remember seeing something some time back...


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  Rick Strahl
  Michael Hogan (Ideate Hosting)
  Mar 21, 2021 @ 01:56pm

There are no specific guidelines. Best thing to do is look at the change log and breaking changes.

That said, upgrading from v5.0 to v7.0 for the actual application is not a big undertaking. Just went through this with a customer and it was pretty painless (except for error handling which was actually still based on a v4 error implementation). There are very few structural changes from v5 - v7 in the framework. Most are incremental improvements that just work.

Now if you were running Web Control framework - that's a different story. It still works in 7 but it's no longer officially supported for updates/changes.

The biggest changes however are related to the project structure and layout which gives you the improved administration features and project portability, auto-launcher and support for using the Web Connection Web server locally.

For project migration IMHO it's easier to create a new project and migrate the old code into that project:

  • Create a completely new project in v7
  • Copy your old process class code into the new project
  • Copy your configuration code into OnInit() and OnLoad of the project

Again for the most part this is pretty painless and mainly copy and past operations, but it depends what your project is doing and what dependencies are involved. I found doing this is also a great way to do some project cleanup maintenance throwing out old stuff that is no longer used, making old project more manageable in the process.

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