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Announcing Virtual Fox Fest May 2021
Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar based on your email address. Announcing Virtual Fox Fest May 2021
  Doug Hennig
  Feb 20, 2021 @ 09:47am

We had so much fun at Virtual Fox Fest 2020 that we've decided to do more online conferences. They won't all be three-day events; in fact, the next one (Thursday, May 6, 2021) is a one-day event. However, it'll still have the same great features everyone loves about VFF: great speakers delivering great sessions, live chatting during presentations, and getting to hang out virtually with new and old friends. This event will feature classic sessions from Southwest Fox, updated for 2021. Registration is available now so sign up today!

We're still discussing whether to hold Southwest Fox in Arizona this fall. We expect to announce our plans for a fall conference by the end of March.

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