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Win32api Error
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  Dec 30, 2020 @ 05:18am

Currently we are facing an issue whereby , getting an error "Win32ap Error: Invalid Window Handle". An Image has been attached of it.

After debugging it, we traced the above mentioned error is being triggered on calling of WINNET.DLL in wwhttp.httpgetex method.

System details : Windows version : Windows 7 Prof and Windows 10 Prof Foxpro Version : Foxpro 8.0 West Wind Version : 2012

This error has started to popup from 28th Dec. 2020. All the windows update has been. Its occuring on all our client's pcs.

please help us in fixing the error.


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  Rick Strahl
  Dec 30, 2020 @ 01:34pm

Hi Sameer,

No idea without more information. What code are you using - handle instances usually mean that you have an invalid connection handle which means you either didn't connect or re-used and didn't close the connection. You should be using HttpGet() not HttpGetEx() to make sure you're using the right semantics.

Also to be clear: We no longer support old versions of Client Tools/wwIPStuff that don't run on VFP 9. We stopped support for VFP 8 about 5 years ago with Client Tools v6 and later. Newer versions have many fixes applied that fix OS changes and security updates (like support for TLS 1.2) from what you're likely running from back in 2012 (v5 most likely).

+++ Rick ---

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