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OData add-on to Web Connection
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  Alejandro A Sosa
  Oct 17, 2020 @ 07:00am

Hi Rick,

A customer expressed interest in using PowerBI to visualize the data in our payroll product.

Your article https://www.west-wind.com/presentations/foxWebDataService/foxwebdataservice.html shows that wwBusiness can be used to implement a "data engine" that fetches and and delivers the requests.

A missing link is the OData communication between PowerBI and the "data engine"

Seems like a natural add-on to WebConnection. What do you think?


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  Rick Strahl
  Alejandro A Sosa
  Oct 17, 2020 @ 06:05pm

What year is it?

OData has been just about dead for 10 years now.

So no... 😄

Just so you understand. It's unlikely I'll be building anything utility wise unless there is some sort of specific need that I have or that is for a paid project. I'll continue to add small enhancements to Web Connection, but major features - especially edge case ones like OData, not a chance. Plus that's not a trivial thing to implement you basically have to implement a custom parser and custom routing that would be difficult to do with Web Connection.

FWIW, if you need to serve Data, there's wwHttpSql which lets you serve raw data queries as XML or JSON. I also have an internal .NET only version that I've used for several projects with long time customers that has been very successful for data driven client side apps (originally for Flash, then Silverlight, then Angular).

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