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SQLCLR and Certificates
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  Craig Tucker
  Sep 11, 2020 @ 06:32am

Hi All, I am trying to create a SQLCLR that will call an API to submit West-Wind Queue Message Manager entries for a number of reasons (ie. our QMM API is internal and not exposed to our external network for direct API access, we would like to make QMM calls from within SQL Server on SQL Triggers, etc). BTW, our QMM is running hybrid SQL/MSMQ.

I have/had the SQLCLR working in old versions of SQL Server and even working on SQL Server 2017. However, on SQL Server 2017 the only way I can get working is by setting TRUSTWORTHY on, which we cannot do for security reasons. Microsoft has tightened security on SQLCLR's on 2017 and from what I understand is pushing everyone to register a certificate on SQL Server and run the assembly/stored procedure against that certificate. I cannot fine many good references on how to set this up. Most are referencing their local SQL Server where they have full access and can reference local drives for loading various files, and not real life production SQL Server instances.

This would be a fantastic BLOG for Rick Strahl, IMHO, lol...

Does anyone have any good references on how to install a SQLCLR on a (non-local) SQL Server 2017?

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