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ExpandTemplate Freezing
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  Kevin R Hunt
  Aug 28, 2020 @ 11:34am

Hi, I have a business whose clients like to use our COVID-19 Compliant conference rooms. However, where before most of our business was done at someone else's office and they just needed one of our employees, now they're making arrangements with participants' schedules and then calling us resulting in our rooms being overbooked. Right now I'm manually updating a Google calendar so they can log in to our site, and view availability, however that's only updated once a day and it can quickly get out of date. I'd like to have the calendar dynamically updated as rooms are booked based on our management data. It's probably easier to view the process and so I create a video that shows the problem. The net effect is that although ostensibly running the same code, in one sequence the ExpandTemplate just hangs where in two others it doesn't. The below video is about 3:50 in length. Any help would be appreciated. lcA_Banner_Ban is a variable expanded in the lcFileToExpand file with the <%= MergeText(lcA_Banner_Ban) %> construct. The line that intermittently works depending on where it's called from is:

lcA_Banner_Ban	= loRFS.DynamicCalendarASST(ldCurrentDate, lcUser, .F.)
lcFileToExpand 	= [TABO_asst_client_login_frm.htm]
Response.ExpandTemplate(gowcserver.oconfig.oTAWPROCESS.cHTMLPagePath + ;
				lcFileToExpand ,[FORCE RELOAD])

ExpandTemplate hanging

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  Rick Strahl
  Kevin R Hunt
  Aug 28, 2020 @ 03:05pm

Hard to say - you need to break into the running code to see where you're at. ESC should let you break or Pause in the debugger.

My guess is you end up in a recursive loop somewhere in that code especially since you're nesting. Perhaps some variables that are not LOCAL scoped and get overwritten in the call stack...

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