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URGENT: Looking for Help!!!
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  Kevin R Hunt
  Jul 27, 2020 @ 04:52am

We've been using WWC framework for a long time (approximately 2001) for a web interface to a VFP exe we developed for ourselves and a relatively small group of clients who owned similar court reporting firms.

About seven or eight years ago we stopped selling to reporting firms but continued to use it for our own purposes on a 2008 server (I know it's out of MS support) so that our reporters and legal clients can access the underlying data.

I no longer have the VFP developers we used to have and it's just me and I just haven't had the time in running the main business to keep up with the various upgrades Rick has provided in the interim, although we have paid for the upgrades as they were warranted (the most recent for 7.X on 1/15/2020).

We have purchased a new 2019 server to run the app on but the code itself has stopped with a wc.dll of 2010.

I've installed Web Connection on the 2019 and can get the demo to come up with the demo links.

I've also been able using the Console.exe to install our TAW.exe server without error but when I go to fire up our application I immediately get an error of wwSession not found.

We're having problems continuing with the 2008 server as our legal clients are getting warnings about TLS 1.2 isn't installed on the 2008, and while I'm investigating whether 1.2 can be installed on the 2008 server, it's just postponing the inevitable.

So the question is: is there anyone experienced in WebConnection to help us get the current app running on 2019 and then investigate upgrading our app to the latest version?

Obviously we'll pay whatever is customary for this type of service, but I don't really know who to turn to.

Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

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  Tore Bleken
  Kevin R Hunt
  Jul 27, 2020 @ 05:15am

Feel free to contact me at (changes needed...) if my location in Norway isn't a problem. I don't hae any problems with being available during your own working hours.

I have worked with WWC since it became available, and should be able to upgrade your application to work with the latest version. However, notice that I don't use Windows Server 2019 myself, but I feel certain that this "detail" shouldn't create any problems.

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