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Evaluating Web Connection
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  Omar Ramadan
  Jun 10, 2020 @ 09:00pm

Hi We have a large Vfoxpro application that we are in the process of modernizing, we are currently evaluating Web Connection to try to achieve the following: 1 - A lot of the vfoxpro code deals with low level file read/write with no user interface, we are interested in running this code on a server with a web interface. This needs to be very scalable as multiple users could require multiple files to be processed at the same time. 2 - We would like to create a Rest API to allow our clients to access their SQL/Vfoxpro data . (both read and write) Can Web Connection help us, if so, what are the tutorials that our programmers can work on to understand how it can be done. Thanks Omar

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  Rick Strahl
  Omar Ramadan
  Jun 11, 2020 @ 12:44pm

Hi Omar,

Web Connection works well for what you're describing - ie. non-UI operations served through and API. Web Connection includes a REST service class that makes it pretty easy to create a service via a simple class based interface that has method for each API operation with inputs as a parameter (ie. pass in an object) and output (return a result object, value, array, collection or cursor).

Step by Step: Creating a JSON REST Service

If you're brand new you'll probably first want to walk through the Getting Started walkthrough:

Step By Step: Getting Started

which takes you through the basic mechanics of how a Web Connection application works and runs.

As to scalability: Web Connection can run multiple server instances simultaneously (up to 32 although that's usually way more than makes sense) so that multiple requests can process side by side. This works well in most cases - the exception being very long running requests for which there are related solutions.

Hope this helps,

+++ Rick ---

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