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West Wind Client Tools 7.14 released
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  Rick Strahl
  Jun 7, 2020 @ 05:54pm

Hi all,

I've released a new major version upgrade to the West Wind Client Tools - Version 7.14.

This is a small update release that brings the Client Tools in line with a number of updates, bug fixes and small feature enhancements in Web Connection. Most of these changes affect wwDotnetBridge and various utility functions in the library as well a number of operational fixes behind the scenes.

As always there's a shareware version available to try the new version out:

To upgrade you can use the following link:

What's new in Version 7.x

Version 7 was a major point update so there were quite a few major updates from older versions.

Most of the new features continue the incremental improvements path, so this isn't a major upheaval of features and there are minimal changes even if you come from a few versions back.

Here are some of the version 7 highlights:

New wwDynamic Class

Added a new wwDynamic class which makes it easier to create objects dynamically at runtime (and support proper casing). This is especially useful for building objects in code for JSON serialization or for returning tuple like dynamic results from functions and methods.

Remove VCX Classes

I've also removed the remaining VCX classes - wwSql, wwBusiness and wwXml - and replaced them with PRG based versions which make it easier to work with these libraries in projects and source control. (old versions are still provided in an OldFiles folder). wwBusiness has been changed to wwBusinessObject to allow both classes to live side by side since some users may absolutely require the VCX for existing applications.

wwHttp Improvements

There are a number of improvements and fixes on how files uploads are handled in the wwHttp class. You can now specify specific content types for each multi-part form variable as well as specify additional headers. This might be required by some services that receive multipart form data and are fussy about the Mime headers sent with each bit of data.

You can now also upload files that are greater than 16mb using wwHttp.

Finally there are now explicit .Get(), .Set(),.Put() and .Delete() methods that complement the generic (and inappropriately named .HttpGet() method - it's still there too).

There's also a new method that retrieves all HTTP TLS Certificates installed on the local machine which has been requested on multiple occasions in order to work with client certificates installed in the local certificate store.

File Utility Updates

If you've ever struggled with retrieving proper cased file names from disk, you've probably found that FoxPro (and even the Windows API) makes it very difficult to return file names with proper casing presevered. This release adds a couple of helpers in wwUtils, GetFullPath() and GetRelativePath() which turn local paths into properly cased paths. In addition there are also two new UI helpers OpenFileDialog() and SaveFileDialog() which also return file names in proper case, unlike FoxPro's GetFile() and PutFile(). All of these methods use .NET and wwDotnetBridge.

This release also syncs with the libraries in West Wind Web Connection so all the libraries are now up to date and in sync between both tools.

There's more and you can see all that's new here:

Questions, Feedback or Issues? Please join us here on the Message Board

As always, we want to hear from you, if you run into any issues or have relevant feedback. A number of recent releases had a number of updates and fixes that were directly the result of feedback on the message board, so it's useful to get involved both for you and all the quiet lurkers out there 😃

Talk to you soon,

+++ Rick ---

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