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Web Connection 7.12 Registered Update Posted
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  Rick Strahl
  May 3, 2020 @ 02:00am

Hi all,

I've posted an updated Web Connection 7.12 release package that fix a few small bugs. This for the registered versions only as it fixes a couple of administrative issues.


  • Fixes a bug in the new CONSOLE "UPDATEPROJECTRESOURCE" feature
  • A bug in the new Web Connection Web Server and Markdown Support
  • A wwRequest Request.GetApplicationPath() issue

Console UpdateProjectResources

This new Console Command (and COnsole screen option) can be used to update Web Connection 6.x+ projects and their resources to match the installed version of Web Connection. Or rather the version that you're running Console.exe out of.

The bug was that it was sticking some of the files into an invalid folder that doesn't exist and so the copy operation was throwing an error for updating views and the new WebConnectionWebServer.

Markdown Support in the new Web Connect Web Server Middleware

The Web Connection middleware in .NET Core was serving Markdown content as raw text rather than passing the request to Web Connection for processing. This required rearranging the order of how various .NET Core middleware is applied with the Web Connection requests sitting before any others.

Application Path Resolution in the Request Object

Due to the introduction of the new Web Connection Web Server the way that the Application Root is found has change in both the Web Connection Module and the new .NET Core connector. In both versions there's now a new server variable APPL_PHYSICAL_PATH=c:\wconnect\web\ which sets lets the FoxPro server more easily identify the application's root path. The bug here was that this was not properly picked up by the classic ASP.NET module which would in some cases not have a way to resolve the base path. This has been fixed with a few additional variable checks.

Re-Download and Unpack

If you're a registered user of v7.x you can re-download version 7.12 with the URL that you were emailed last week. You can simply unpack the package ontop of your old installation and you're done - no need to re-run Setup.exe.

+++ Rick ---

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