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MVC Development - Step 1 - Help Anomaliles
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  Kevin R Hunt
  Mar 11, 2020 @ 07:15am


Here are some items I'm finding in the MVC Help that may be confusing to others as they try to follow the steps.

  • You make reference to using the PRG but the image displays the selection of the wwBusiness.vcx

  • The image has the Create Table option selected, but when I have that checked it gives me an error saying the table already exists (because I selected it in the Base Table to Map Class To selection. When I rerun the wizard again, it still creates the CreateTable method in the cCustomers.prg file.

  • The first code snippet under What's Generated has reference to setting a CLASSLIB to wwBusiness and yet the wizard has a DO wwBusinessObject.

  • The CreateTable code has two more fields than the code snippet referenced above has (15 v 13), specifically a STATE field and a PK field.

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