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  Harvey Mushman
  Feb 3, 2020 @ 03:05pm


At Southwest Fox, I recall you showing a javascript framework that looked very simple. As I recall it did data binding too. And suggested for new projects it might be better than AngularJS.

Maybe Vue.js ??

What was the name or URL of it?

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  Harvey Mushman
  Rick Strahl
  Jul 9, 2021 @ 05:58am

I'm planning to create a new single page application. It is going to be an HTML page that generates a Meeting Agenda. The application will store all agenda items in JSON format. When the meeting occurs, the Agenda will be converted into Minutes and allow the user to tally votes for each item listed that requires a board member count.

I found some JS code that will allow me to save the JSON into a .TXT file on the local machine. This will allow me to repopulate the form after it is closed and then reopened.

I'm thinking about what framework to use in this development project. I think AngularJS is outdated from what I recall you saying some time back. So I'm now wondering if you still believe Vue.JS is the best solution for this sort of stuff?

BTW - the server side will be completely static, no web server, just an HTML page and a JSON file. Everything will be built and stored on the local client after the HTML page is opened.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts...

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  Rick Strahl
  Harvey Mushman
  Jul 9, 2021 @ 11:41am

AngularJs is a very old version of Angular. There are newer versions that are more modern and more flexible (but in some ways also more complex).

VueJs is a good choice but it's not quite as integrated as Angular is - Angular includes pretty much everything you need within the framework while VueJs requires mix and match of various support frameworks.

VueJs is definitely easier to start with as there are less concepts to work with, but in my experience it can get tricky with complex data binding scenarios and updates. Where Angular pretty much figures out updates almost seamlessly with Vue you often have to explicitly update subobjects or properties etc.

Basically these days any of the big JS frameworks work well - it's a matter of finding the one that fits your style.

I continue to use Angular because that's what I know best and I know it works even in very large projects. But I'll be the first to admit that getting started with it is more complex because it relies on RxJs for many things which overly complicates certain things (while making some very complex things easy).

It's always trade offs.

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