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Issue with COM servers and IIS
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  Oct 24, 2019 @ 12:36am

Hello, We have a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard runnning WWWC 4.68 on IIS 7.5. We have 4 different applications running together, all of them using SQL Server Databases. Each of them have separate Application Pool and separate set of exe's, running in COM mode. Each application is running 6 exe files (in COM mode).

All web applications are running OK, apart from cases when they get an issue and stop responding. Uusually there are 2 types of issues:

  1. Exe's in memory become much more than 6 for almost all applications - user is not able to access any of applications - server just returns errors like: COM Server Timed out CallServerOnce: Invoke failed: The remote procedure call failed. RPC Server Unavailable (Invoke): Attempting to Reload Server...
  2. None of exe's are loaded in memory and same issue as above - cannot access any of aplications.

I'm usually dealing with these issues by restarting IIS, restarting SQL Server process, clenaing up temporary files in global %Temp% folder - all this on daily basis. However, it still happens to get some of the above issues in the middle of the night, even if all restarts had been done 4-5 hours ago.

I'm already lost and have no idea what could cause these issues.

Any help is humble appreciated.

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