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Trying to connect to 3270 terminal emulator
Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar based on your email address. Trying to connect to 3270 terminal emulator
  Oct 15, 2019 @ 08:36am

Need to connect to and pass keystrokes into QWS3270 terminal emulator software. They have given the visual basic code, and I had connected once using foxpro but that drive crashed and I lost the code, so I know it is possible.

Here is some stuff from the help file for automating: Sample code for start session: Dim myPath as String Dim mySession as String Dim result as Long myPath = "C:\QWS3270\qws3270p.exe" mySession = "Library of Congress" result = sess.Connect(myPath, mySession)

I also know I have to create a com object, COM / OLE Automation - The COM interfaces allow you to remotely execute many of the applications features. Get access to screen data, cursor location, field attributes, etc. You need to be familiar with a programming language or a script language like VB Script, Java Script, etc. The COM interface should be easier to use than HLLAPI.

The application object defines functionality that applies to the QWS3270 application as a whole. Use the interface to this object to start new instances of the application, close QWS3270 applications, and retrieve information about open sessions.

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