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License Problems
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  Sep 3, 2019 @ 05:55pm

I have a number of physical and virtual machines I use for various client projects, and in some cases, I run a least-privileged user.

  1. Where the user is least-privileged, the app crashes when I attempt to apply the license.
  2. If I apply the license with an admin account, that doesn't help the least-privileged user. So I have to make the least-privileged user an admin, apply the license, and then revoke the admin from the least-privileged account.

BUT - If I then apply the license to the admin account so I can use it there, the least-privileged user is no longer registered.

Do I have to purchase a 2nd license so I (one person) can use MM from both the least-privileged and admin accounts?

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  Rick Strahl
  Sep 3, 2019 @ 11:01pm

Hi Bob,

No you don't need additional licenses if it's only you using the product - the licensing is such that you can use it on as many machines as you use as long as it's only you using those versions. If necessary you can install two copies on the same machine into their own respective user locations.

When you say least-privilege what exactly does that mean? You mean a non-admin account? Or something else?

How are you installing MM? If you're using the full installer MM should install into the user profile location for the active user and that should work without any further permissions for anything.

If you're using the portable install make sure you're putting it into a location where your user (or multiple users if your logging in with multiple accounts) have read/write access. When you apply the license, the configuration is updated and the file is updated on disk - if that file is in a non-writable folder there will be problems.

If you're using Markdown Monster for multiple user accounts on the same machine I would suggest one of the following:

Install into Program Files

  • Do a full install into c:\Program Files (x86)\Markdown Monster

Then all users can share the same instance of Markdown Monster and only the configuration will be written to the user store in %appdata%\Markdown Monster. Each user will have his/her own configuration in that case. Alternately you can

Do a Portable Install

The portable install creates a self contained folder structure that holds both the program files and configuration data.

  • Install into a non-user folder - for custom installs I often use c:\programs\Markdown Monster for example
  • Set permissions on this folder to allow recursive Read-Write access either for INTERACTIVE or specific users

Out of these two approaches the first is probably safer because that's how MM is designed to run. But the latter should also work although you'll have to register multiple times.

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