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Web Connection 7.05 Session ID Issue and Fix
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  Rick Strahl
  May 8, 2019 @ 03:40pm

Hi all,

I've just discovered a small but significant bug in the Web Connection 7.05 release. It's been updated already and new binaries are available but if you already downloaded you can just make a small source code change to fix this bug in a couple of minutes without download/reinstall.

The issue is in the routine that handles New ID generation via Guids in GenerateNewId() in wwutils.prg. There was an optimization made to keep the API from getting redeclared but unfortunately I accidentally left the actual call also in the cache optimization block which resulted in the ID not getting generated on subsequent passes. Ironically this passed my internal tests (because they run once through the code) but I noticed issues here on the message board with new Session ID generating a non-Unique id.

The fix is the following in wwutis.prg - a one line move operation:

Otherwise both the shareware version and full versions have been updated.

I apologize that this one slipped through...

+++ Rick ---

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