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Web Connection 7.05 is here
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  Rick Strahl
  May 7, 2019 @ 12:19pm

Hi all,

I've just released Web Connection 7.05. This release is primarily a maintenance release with a few bug fixes and few small, but useful examples in the core libraries that widen functionality and add a little bit of extra performance in request processing. Here's a full release post:

This release also includes a couple of new and greatly improved feature that I'm particularily excited about because they improve productivity:

  • New Launcher
    A new Launcher script that makes it easier to launch your Web Connection site at development time using a number of different operational modes. Examples: DO Launcher with "IISEXPRESS", DO LAUNCHER WITH "BROWSERSYNC" to replace lauching your main program directly.

  • Server Live Reload
    This cool feature lets you automatically restart your Web Connection server whenever you make a code change without having to manually close a file, go to the command window, clear out the app and start it back up. This feature complements the previously provided BrowserSync support which does the same for client side code changes in Script pages, Html, CSS and JavaScript.

As always if you're a registered user you should have gotten a notification to download the new version. To check out Web Connection you can download and install the Shareware version.


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