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Web Programmer / Web Developer
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  Apr 10, 2019 @ 12:25am

Duties: Refinement of the client and server parts of the corporate management system (solution of tasks with and without TZ, solution design, algorithm development, testing, commissioning, optimization of queries to the SQL Server database) Requirements: Experience in developing websites, corporate multifunctional applications from 3 years. Profound knowledge of OOP principles Confident: ASP.NET MVC, NET Framework 4+, HTML, DOM, CSS, C #, experience with XML is welcome, JavaScript, jQuery, MS SQL Server 2005+, T-SQL (level above average - writing procedures for processing data forms, the construction of various calculation algorithms), MS LINQ to SQL, experience with EF is welcome. Knowledge and experience are welcome: WebAPI, AngularJS, Bootstrap, GitHub, Net Core, TypeScript, Go Professionalism, sense of duty, responsibility, initiative, learning, work, motivation for team results.

Conditions: Work in a large, stable company Timely and official salary 2 times a month

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