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Web Connection 7.04 Registered is out
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  Rick Strahl
  Mar 5, 2019 @ 02:08pm

Just a quick heads up - I've pushed out Web Connection 7.04 to registered users last night. This update is mostly a maintenance release that includes a host of small bug fixes provided by several of you here.

I again want to call out Mike McDonald who pointed out a number of issues and helped pin point some bugs that apparently have been around for a long time and have now been fixed. Thanks Mike!

There are a few improved features of note:

  • Server Error Display Refactoring
    I've refactored the way errors are displayed, logged and sent out via email with central methods that handle that processing on the wwServer class. There are no API changes, but all the actual processing of server startup and routing errors now use a single error experience.

  • New Project Wizard now copies DLLs to Project Folder
    In order for a Web Connection server to run a few support DLLs are required and new projects originally didn't copy these files - they were built during the build.bat phase, but that still caused issues when running locally in COM mode for testing. With the DLL in the folder COM should now just work on the dev box.

    Note: Make sure to update these DLLs as Web Connection versions are updated and also update them on the server. build.bat builds a current package of the required DLLs and your app executable.

  • wwAPI::ZipFolder and wwAPI::UnzipFolder
    Added new helpers that use .NET to zip and unzip a folder of files. This are in addition to the existing ZipFiles/UnzipFiles functions. The new functions support empty folders, files that start with a ., extensionless files and a few other things that the old one did not.

Currently this release is out only to registered users - I'll update the shareware version in a few days.

Those of you that are registered should have gotten an update notice by email.

+++ Rick ---

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