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Disabled Web Controls in Visual Studio
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  Jan 7, 2019 @ 08:38am

I'm sorry if this is a repeated question but I cannot activate Webconnect Web Controls in Visual Studio.
The scripts are colored but the wwWebControls are grayed out and disabled and when I run the pages they don't show up.

I'm on Windows 2012, Visual Studio 2017 and Webconnect 7.0. (I've set up WebConnect 7.0 under "Webconnect7" folder because I have an older version under my "WebConnect" folder).
I removed the controls from VS toolbox and added them again from this path "C:\wconnect7\templates\Scripts\WebConnectionWebControls.dll", while I have it in my bin folder.
I re-installed the Webconnect 7.0 and ran "DO CONSOLE WITH 'VSNETCONFIG'".

In design mode they come up with this error:
"This control cannot be displayed because its TagPrefix is not registered in this Web Form."
When I add:
<%@ Register Assembly="WebConnectionWebControls" Namespace="Westwind.WebConnection.WebControls" TagPrefix="ww" %>
and I have nPageScriptMode = 3, I get this error in Fox:

And with nPageScriptMode = 2, get this error in browser:

? Page Parsing Error Parsing of the page requestinfo.twc7 failed. No output file provided. Most likely this means you didn't specify a <ww:wwWebPage> runat="server"; tag in the page to be parsed. Make sure this tag exists at the top of the form and includes the GeneratedSourceFile and Id attributes.

Would you have any idea what I'm missing?
Thank you in advance,

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  Rick Strahl
  Jan 7, 2019 @ 02:57pm

The runtime error is likely because you're running in the wrong page processing mode. Those pages are trying to execute as script rather than Web Control Pages. Make sure Process.nPageScriptMode = 2 to process pages by default, not scripts (changed in Web Connection 7 actually a bit earlier in 6.15 or so).

Not sure about the Web Connection Controls. Make sure Visual Studio isn't in Run mode - while running some things are disabled and controls maybe one of them.

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