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West Wind Web Connection 7.0 has been released
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  Rick Strahl
  Nov 16, 2018 @ 04:35am

Hi all,

I'm happy to announce that West Wind Web Connection 7.0 has finally been released and is now live. It's been a long road for the final bits of change, but I think you'll appreciate the new features and enhancements especially around creating and setting up new projects which is now even more standardized and faster to get going with.

There many operational and project level enhancements, as well as many small functional improvements. There's also been a lot of refactoring to consolidate stock loaded features down to just the recommended features for new projects with opt-in flags for the older features. The end result is leaner build sizes and less clutter in new projects.

I won't rehash features here since I've written up a detailed Release Wrap up Post that has tons of detail on many of the new features and enhancements as well as some of the thinking behind some of them.

Go check out the Blog post here:

If you just want to quickly glance at all that is new you can check the change log:

In the meantime if you just want to get the bits you get the shareware version here:

Or you can purchase a full version or a version upgrade.

If you purchased Web Connection after Jan 1st, 2018 you qualify for a free upgrade. You should already have gotten an upgrade notice and download link. If not contact me directly and I'll get you hooked up.

A quick reminder: Prices for Web Connection will be going up after the end of the year 2018. Web Connection pricing hasn't changed in 15 years and this will be the first price raise in all that time. Get your updates in soon to save some dough.


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