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  Gustavo Colmenares
  Aug 17, 2017 @ 10:41am

I am resuming the subject of the conversion to FoxInCloud again.

I already did the conversion of a Project to Web and I send all the results.

My question is ... The process I keep doing for Visual Fox Pro as a normal project Or what do I have to do ???

Manual changes do I make a Visual Fox application ??

I'm really interested in FoxInCloud and I would like to master this well

Thank you in advance

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  FoxInCloud Support - Thierry N.
  Gustavo Colmenares
  Aug 18, 2017 @ 12:01am

Hi Gustavo,

The FoxInCloud process is about adapting (as opposed to 'converting') your application code to run on either desktop/LAN or Web through 2 distributions:

  • your usual desktop.exe distribution
  • a new web.exe installed on a Web server

We provide a free tool to help you adapt your code: FoxInCloud Adaptation Assistant (FAA). FAA automates most adaptations, and guides you on adaptation that require your attention (when understanding what the code does is necessary).

Base line: adaptation allows web operations while preserving the desktop operations; you maintain a single code base for desktop and web; all evolutions to your app work exactly the same on the desktop and on the Web.

You can run FAA in 2 modes:

  • copy mode: FAA copies your source code before changing anything; however you can run the adapted copy of your code in desktop mode to make sure your adapted app still runs as before.
  • source mode: FAA and you adapt your application source code, the one you use to distribute/update your desktop application.

FAA installs your localhost web site to test your web application during development.

Because adaptation never breaks anything and doesn't require any conversion, you can adapt your application at your pace while doing your daily maintenance. All FoxInCloud dependencies after adaptation are free to distribute with your desktop application: you can adapt your application using the free trial version; you'll need the full license only when going to production on the Web.

This 1-page document describes the whole process; this manual focuses on using FAA.

You can also watch a bunch of videos explaining the whole process.

Best regards

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  Gilles Lajot-Sarthou
  Gustavo Colmenares
  Aug 18, 2017 @ 12:28am

Hi Gustavo,

All the adaptations consist by changes VFP code by an other VFP code, like FoxInCloud FAA help say.

After adapting your application's project running in web mode, you must create an other project same as the web project except that the master start file (prg) of 'desktop' mode is different than the master start file(prg) of 'web' mode. The start file (prg) for 'desktop' mode is the same that you use in the original desktop application.

In final, you have two projects, with same scx, vcx, frx, lbx, prg (except for the start file), one for compiling in VFP IDE to make 'desktop' mode executable file, the other using the file xxxServerUpload.prg of FIC to make 'com' file running under IIS.

Regards Gilles

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