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relaying issue
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  Matthew Olson
  Jul 31, 2017 @ 12:30pm

I am using wwipstuff and wwdotnetbridge to relay email and I have a customer that have some trouble emailing. There is one person that can email properly from any machine at any time. Other users can’t email from their own machine, but can from others. There are other users that can’t email from any machine. They have relaying open to their domain. They’ve tried disabling antivirus and still can’t email. All necessary ports are open. When they can’t email, they get the error: -1 – Couldn’t connect. To get around this, they have set up users as domain admins, but are concerned about security. As domain admins, everything works like a champ. Setting the users up as local admins doesn't help. Do you have any ideas for me?


Matthew Olson

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  Rick Strahl
  Matthew Olson
  Aug 1, 2017 @ 08:42pm

What are you using to send the email? wwSmtp with nMailMode = 0?

Either way the 'cannot connect' error typically means you're never reaching the remote server (no socket connection), which is usually either a firewall or AV issue or a mismatched server/port combo.

Usually if Windows Firewall is a problem user should initially see a dialog that pops up saying that app X wants to access the network and you have to allow it - unless there's an explicit port rule that allows it.

It could also be a domain policy that just doesn't allow access from non-elevated apps (or registered apps) to access the SMTP and secure SMTP ports which gets bypassed if running as a domain admin.

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