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  Tuvia Vinitsky
  Mar 22, 2017 @ 09:55am

I have grids that that are bound to cursors. I update the cursor with something like UPPDATE XXX SET FIELD1 = SOMETHING.

Ususually no problem. But sometimes the grids become invisible and have no data. Once that happens, that particular session cannot get the gtrid back without a server reload. However other sessions might still be viewing the grid.

Where to look?

UPDATE: when this occurs I found that various buttons are in a disabled state. While some of them have the enabled property being saved, none of them are ever disabled anywhere or any time. Not all buttons, but when it happens it is the same buttons each time. And it happens to the same session that the grid data disappears in.

UPDATE: Closing the browser window and starting a new one re-enables the buttons but does not bring back the grid data. That requires a server reset.

UPDATE: Now I am trying adding in several places before the grid page appears to set recordsource blank and reset it, to see of that helps.

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  FoxInCloud Support - Thierry N.
  Tuvia Vinitsky
  Mar 23, 2017 @ 03:23am

Looks like your grid looses its columns because (.recordSource) was closed witout setting .recordSource = ''

If this happens in development, please send the corresponding form state table

If it happens in production, depends on whether you or your client receives an error notification email or not; if so, just transfer the email as it has the form state table attached.


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