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West Wind WebSurge 2.0 has been released
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  Rick Strahl
  Feb 2, 2022 @ 03:18pm

Hi all,

I've just officially released West Wind WebSurge v2. WebSurge is an Http REST Client and Web Load Testing tool for Windows that makes it very easy to create and test Http Request for API and single Web Request testing, and then take a session of requests and run it in a heavy load test to stress test Web sites.

Introductionary Video

For the release I created a short intro video of features of WebSurge you can check out:

Direct Video link. Make sure you watch video in HD Video Mode

I've also posted a release Blog post that describes some of the changes, motivations and improvements in v2:

Postman Replacement?

WebSurge straddles the dual purpose functionalities of being an Http REST client similar to a tool like Postman, but with a much smoother create/edit/run workflow than Postsman's clumsy multi-page interface. WebSurge also makes it easy to share Sessions with text based files that can be checked into source control and shared across teams easily.

Stress Testing

There aren't many good choices for Stress Testing on Windows and those that do exist are either wicked expensive or very difficult to set up and use. WebSurge intends to make the process of creating sessions of requests for testing easy and then make the process of testing very straight forward, with easy to understand results that are immediately actionable. You get visual graph output as well as the most useful stats that are needed to understand load tests all in a low friction and easy to understand environment.


Version 2.0 is a complete re-write from v1 with an entire new User Interface that's more modern and much more responsive. The Http Request Testing engine has also been completely overhauled to for massively improved efficiency and much lighter CPU load on the hosting machine. WebSurge 2.0 now runs as a WPF application on .NET 6.0 with many of the new .NET platform's improvements contributing to the new enhanced performance of the stress testing features.


If you're looking for a tool that helps you do Http Request testing, or need a full blown stress testing tool on Windows, give West Wind WebSurge a try.

+++ Rick ---

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