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Programmer needed
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  Jun 28, 2017 @ 10:53am

We may be interested in having someone create a web based application for us that will manage the creation, storage, approval and distribution of "Quotations" for our business.

We have Items, Customers, Salespeople, Hierarchy and Pricing Rules etc. stored in our Oracle ERP suite. We need this data mashed up into an acceptable layout that (once approved) can be sent to a Customer. Subsequently we would like to be able to convert the Quotation into a Salesorder - again in our ERP Suite. For this part there is a defined structure that drives the ERP via an "Interface" table.

We do know where the ERP data resides and how to extract it and update the Interface tables.

This is typically an application that we might write using WC in house. However, we do not have bandwidth at this time to attack this project. If anyone is interested, please contact me directly:

George ....

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