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Access .net Dataset from DotnetBridge
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  May 21, 2020 @ 09:42am

How can you access the DataRow.Item[] collection of a DataSet? -Without using the .Datasettocursors - I'm trying not to use FoxPro's xml adapter

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  Rick Strahl
  May 21, 2020 @ 02:07pm

It's not easy and very inefficient. I don't think there's a way to access the named, indexed row or table collections at all - only by index ordinal.

do wwDotNetBridge
LOCAL loBridge as wwDotNetBridge
loBridge = GetwwDotnetBridge()

*** Load our custom assembly
? loBridge.LoadAssembly("InteropExamples.dll")
? loBridge.cErrorMsg

loFox = loBridge.CreateInstance("Westwind.WebConnection.TypePassingTests")
?  loFox

*** Returns
loDS = loFox.GetDataSet()
? loDs

*** Note the DataSet related Properties rquire GetPropertyEx/SetPropertyEx/InvokeMethodEx
loTable = loBridge.GetPropertyEx(loDs,"Tables[0]")
? loBridge.ToString(loTable)

loRows = loBridge.GetPropertyEx(loTable, "Rows")
? loBridge.ToString(loRows)

lnRecs = loBridge.GetPropertyEx(loRows,"Count")
? lnRecs

FOR lnX = 0 TO lnRecs - 1
	loRow = loBridge.GetPropertyEx(loTable,"Rows[" + TRANS(lnX) +  "]")

    ? loBridge.GetPropertyEx(loRow,"ItemArray[0]")
    ? loBridge.GetPropertyEx(loRow,"ItemArray[1]")
    ? loBridge.GetPropertyEx(loRow,"ItemArray[2]")

If you iterate over the list it'll be very slow because everything goes through COM and multiple slow reflection calls. This is why serialization is recommended. In most cases the serialization deserialization actually is faster than this nasty and hard to read code.

This would only make sense if you need to get at a few values out of a much larger dataset. Anything else serializing deserializing will be more efficient.

+++ Rick ---

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